T Minus Two Days...

The countdown until the end of the semester is on.  I can tell for two basic reasons.  The first is that hits on my Hebrew Stuff page have been spiking again, so I know the Intermediate Hebrew crew are working on their vocab and parsing skills.  The second is that it’s Monday night at 8:41 and I’m in my office at the college with no prospects of leaving soon.  The last paper of the semester is due Wednesday night, after which I am once again allowed to do the following:

1. Sleep

2. Sleep

3. Hang out with my wife (I always do this, but more so I mean)

4. Watch TV

5. Work on German

As any doctoral student knows, work doesn’t really stop over the Christmas break, but the character of it changes enough that I still find it relaxing.  My plan over the break is to read a lot of German, and to tweak my article on the Animal Apocalypse into a more publishable state.

I hope 2009 is winding down well for you, particularly my readers who are also doing schoolish kinds of things and are consequently feeling a little pinched right now.  But, as I’ve just said, I’m not done yet, so I’d better get back at it.


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